The Tray-Icon appears after installing in the Systray of the taskbar. It will indicate the status of MD5 File Hasher:

MD5 File Hasher is active
MD5 File Hasher runs a task

In addition, the Tray-Icon offers easy access to the key functions of MD5 File Hasher via the context menu. To open the context menu, please right-click on the Tray-Icon.

The context menu

The context menu of the Tray-Icon contains the following entries:

  • Show MD5 File Hasher: Opens the Main window.
  • Execute task [...]: Executes the programmed task [...]. The placeholder [...] stands for the name of the task which was selected in the section "Tasks" of the Main window. To select a task for the context menu, please right click on the desired task and select "Show this task in task menu". Please note that tasks can only be executed in the Pro Version (see: Upgrade to the Pro Version).
  • Recent reports: Opens a sub-menu which displays the five most recent reports.
  • Start program with Windows®: Determines whether program will be started automatically when Windows® is started (default setting). You can choose this option also in the section "Settings" of the Main window. For the automatic execution of tasks, it is recommended to choose the default setting.
  • Help: Opens help window of MD5 File Hasher.
  • Quit: Shuts down program and removes Tray-Icon. Automatic tasks will no longer be executed.

Deactivate Tray-Icon

You may deactivate the Tray-Icon in the section "Settings" of the Main window. Please remove the check mark on "Show program in Systray".


If you close the Main window and if the Tray-Icon is deactivated, automatic tasks will no longer be executed.

If you want to re-activate the Tray-Icon, please simply tick the box next to "Show program in Systray".


Using MD5 File Hasher
User interface
Main window
Calculate MD5-Hash values of files
Create Checkfile
Validate Checkfile
Create tasks
Upgrade to the Pro Version
Your benefits
Register program

Tech specs

Program details

Version: 1.5
Language: English, German
License: Freeware
Optional upgrade to the Pro Version

System requirements

Windows® XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 2012, 10

System: 32-bit, 64-bit
RAM: min 256 MB
Processor: at least 400 MHz