MD5 File Hasher

Create, save and compare MD5 checksums of individual files or entire directories. Automatic checks and extensive filter functions are supported.


Pro Version

The Pro Version of MD5 File Hasher offers some additional functions. These are also available in the Freeware version for 15 days. The freeware version can be upgraded to the Pro Version without having to reinstall the package.

Please check the table below for additional functions offered in the Pro version.

FunctionFreeware VersionPro Version
Calculate checksums
Create and verify Checkfiles
Large files bigger than 500 GB
Handles large data sets
Hidden files, subfolders
Drag & Drop
Save checksums in txt file
Update Checkfiles
Up to 50% faster
Create reports
Automated checks
Run tasks
Filter functions
Define exceptions

Business license

Multi-user licensing

Specifically, companies relying on computer-based project development may be at high risk of espionage from spyware and MD5 File Hasher may be interesting. The business license of the Pro Version includes all company computers (unlimited use).

Purchase business license