Check MD5 hash

Create Checkfiles with checksums  of individual files and entire directories. This ensures any later modification or manipulation of the file or directory is detected.
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Automatic scans

It is possible to create tasks which for example automatically check the Windows® folder daily. Thereby, changes to sensitive system files are detected immediately.
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Filters & Exceptions

The filter function allows selecting specific files (e.g. exe files) for the creation of Checkfiles in a folder. In addition, it is possible to exclude files from checks by defining exceptions.
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Create and compare checksums

Especially for downloaded files, it is important to compare the file with the original. To verify the integrity of the file reliably, MD5 File Hasher creates a checksum. If the hash value is not identical with the original file, the file has been modified, damaged, or, in the worst case, maliciously manipulated.

Not only downloaded files, any file on the PC is subject to damage or manipulation. For this purpose, MD5 File Hasher offers two options which allow for unlimited file checks:

Check sum comparison with Checkfiles

MD5 File Hasher can create so-called Checkfiles. The Checkfiles contain the check sums of all files within a folder which have been selected. The Checkfile is created once and is used for references purposes for later checks. If a subsequent check shows any modification, a report will be created. The report includes the number of changes and what files are affected. The report also indicates whether new files have been added or existing files have been removed from the directory.

Automatic checks and execution of user-defined tasks

MD5 File Hasher can create tasks which can run scheduled checks of specified files or entire directories. Filters can be customized, e.g. to only check or exclude certain file types (.dll, .exe, .txt etc.). The use of rules, filters and exceptions allows users to adjust tasks to the requirements of the user. Of course, reports and alerts can also be customized or deactivated.

Further information and an overview of all functions can be found here.

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