MD5 File Hasher business license

The business license allows you to enjoy the benefits of the Pro Version on all PCs in your company. The business license can be purchased for only $139.90 in our online shop.

Pro Version business license

Businesses, doctorís surgeries, government authorities and law firms all benefit from the added protection provided by the file integrity checks because checks can be scheduled to run automatically and identify any manipulation.

The business license is also well-suited to small businesses. If your business runs the software on 12 PCs, you save over 40% compared to purchasing 12 separate individual licenses. Should your business expand, you can use MD5 File Hasher on all PCs without any further cost. This allows you to budget and keep the cost of business down.

Multi-user license

Multi-user licensing

A multi-user license suits both private users and small businesses. This license is valid for up to 3 and 10 users, respectively.

Purchase multi-user license